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I have been interested in this career for several years, since I was 15 years old. I enjoy chemistry and food related subjects and I am interested in working for the health service. As well as this I am intrigued about how the body works and the influencer nutrition has on this, especially with clinical nutrition. I find myself determinate to work hard and fight every disease through nutrition. I chose to attend a university back in Greece with a higher profile courses than any other university. I managed to graduate within the scheduled time of study (4 years). I feel I am friendly, and can mix with other people, different nationalities, in unfamiliar situations. This is important as communication skills are vital in a dietetic (band 5 associate) and nutrition career .

MESnutri Ltd, in which I am co-founder and owner in Salford Quays Manchester, is a nutrition and well being company, is trying to promote a traditional and balanced way of life. Food means to be a joy in people’s life not to feel guilty. I would like to share my way of living with other people and change this ‘plastic’ world who they’re trying to put us in. Moreover I am a member of nutritionist resource as registered nutritionist, a member of BDA (British Dietetic Association) as dietetic supporter, a member of ED-DE (Dietitians in Greece) and ESPEN (European Association Of Clinical Dietitians) as a clinical dietitian.

  • 1st cycle (bachelor) on sciences of nutrition and dietetics
  • Certificate of Information Technology
  • Certificate of Food Hygiene level 1,2 & 3
  • COSHH awareness 2018
  • Studying Personal trainer 2 & 3, Birmingham UK
  • Fluent in Albanian, Greek & English

My Journey

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What To Expect

Your initial consultation will cover the following:
  • your health history, training programme, performance goals, lifestyle and current dietary patterns -to identify your specific issues and potential solutions
  • Basic assessment of macro and micro-nutrient adequacy
  • How to optimise your training, performance, and recovery through practising appropriate ‘nutrient timing’ (nutrition before, during and after exercise)
  • How to develop an appropriate hydration strategy for training to minimise the risk of either dehydration or hyponatremia
  • Specific guidelines on how to ensure that your diet has an optimal balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, plus adequate vitamins, minerals and fibre, to meet your individual training and performance needs
The cost of this is £70 per hour payable in advance.
Dependant on how much detail you require it is possible to create a basic entry level plan and dietary programme in about 60 minutes


What my clients say

Sarah Jones

Interior Designer

Matilda was really patient in helping me with my dietry needs. She helped me with my dietry needs and fitness goals without any hesitation.

Jessica Foxx


Thank you Matilda for your services! I have now lost 15lbs thanks to the workout plan!!

Briana Luke


Matilda is affordable in what she does however there is no compromise on the quality of her services.

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